Since 2013 we have made tried and tested services to solve the leading causes of down time in hospitals today. Through these, we aim to improve efficiency and speed in giving out sustainable medical services to patients every day.

Pulmonary Services

Our Respiratory Therapists who work alongside the doctors of the hospital, have high output because of our streamlined processes, continuous educational training and exposure to various kinds of pulmonary equipment.

Homecare Services

We set up patient-ready medical equipment in your home and ensure trouble shooting and replacement services run 24/7 for you.

Biomedical Engineering

Our Professional Biomedical Engineers follow strict guidelines and use only tested calibrated equipment when performing scheduled or on-call services in your facility, they are trained by experts in the field alongside our partner manufacturers keeping service level and know how high.

Asset Management

We help your hospital manage equipment usage and maintenance daily through a mix of our support services in your facility


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